Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Police mergers that never were cost taxpayer £3.9m

In an answer to Parliament yesterday, Tony McNulty, Minister for Policing, Security and Community Safety, admitted that a total of £3,997,200 had been wasted on the police force mergers that never happened.

The table presented to Parliament shows that the police forces to be merged had spent around £6.5m on preparatory work but the Government placed a cap of 100,000 on there claims when the policy was scrapped.


Ellee said...

This is in the local Norwich paper today too, which is Charles Clarke's constituency. I don't think he repents or sees the error of his ways at all. Talk about thick skinned, and that's being kind.

Guthrum said...

Its just like a mechanic fiddling with your car, throwing all the bits back in, and sending you the bill. Utter waste of time and cash

Jeremycj said...

Police mergers. EUssr regionalization through the back door.