Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Musharref questions Afghanistan's intelligence quality

It appears that the Afghan President Karzai and Pakistan's President Musharraf are at loggerheads. Apparently, Karzai has blamed Musharref for the resurgent Taliban on the basis that he has not done enough to deal with madrasahs used as training grounds. In response, Musharref basically said that Afghanistan intelligence was rubbish. Specifically he told a New York audience that:

"Intelligence -- to be effective -- should be immediate. Nobody, no target, sit there waiting for you for three months [saying], 'Come and catch me.' If you give telephone numbers which are three to six months old, this becomes ridiculous. And this is exactly what happened. [Karzai] gave these numbers to me when he came [to Pakistan] with his intelligence boss also sitting on a presidential visit. And he handed over this file to me. Right in front of him I actually was extremely rude to his intelligence boss. I said: 'Is this your sense of intelligence that your were waiting for a presidential visit to hand over this file of numbers to me?'"

Handbags at dawn clearly. In other news, Dick Armitage has said that he never threatened to bomb Pakistan "back to the Stone Age".

Quote sourced from Radio Free Afghanistan

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