Sunday, July 23, 2006

Prescott to be on Sunday AM

After cancelling his appearance on Sunday AM a few months ago, Prescott is finally going to be on the show this morning. Will Marr give him an easy or tough time? Who knows. My gut tells me the former rather than latter will be the case. Wonder if that other woman will get a mention? I wait and watch with baited breath!

Update: Easy ride really, Marr just let him ramble on. Prescott had a right scowl on his face whilst Marr read our the quote slagging off Tory sleaze. Most amsuing thing was him saying that Tony Blair has influence with the US. Prescoot also says that Labour members don't think he should stand down.


Chris Palmer said...

Easy. What else?

Anonymous said...

He simply blamed eveything as being incorrect reporting by the press.

I did laugh at his statement about most party members want him to stay on. He should read Labour blogs a bit more often.